Tips on How to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

January 21, 2016 - Updated: January 21, 2016

If your home has high curb appeal, you'll be able to ask -- and receive -- more money for it from a buyer, and it will sell more quickly. This doesn't mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on a new fence or tearing out vinyl siding in favor of an expensive wood finish. Instead, all you have to do is commit to a few ideas to spruce up the way it looks and get the house back into its normal shape. You can add thousands to the value of your home and be rid of it sooner once you put it on the market.

Clean the front of your house

Before you bring in a pricey landscaper, start by getting the mildew, dirt and other gunk off the exterior of your house. These things appear over time as part of normal exposure, but if you get it off, you can add $10,000 or more to the sale price. All you need is a long-handled brush with soft bristles to get rid of dirt that has built up on the house, whether the surface is brick, stucco, metal, wood or vinyl. If you rent a power washer, you can restore the life of your walkways. Take an afternoon to hose your downspouts down, use a long broom to get the cobwebs out of the eaves, and wash your windows on both sides.

Rejuvenate your roof

Buyers may not always be able to notice the condition of the roof from the street, particularly if you're selling a multi-story house, but you can bet that the appraisers will find shingles that have faded or, worse, are curled or missing. With this, you have the choice of paying for an upgrade now or coming down from your price after the appraisal. Sometimes your roof just needs a cleaning, as algae, moss and dirt can build up over time. Bring in a professional to do this so that the roof doesn't suffer damage.

Spruce up the yard

Do you have some overgrown bushes and shrubs? Is your lawn looking a little shabby? Take the time to have someone mow it and trim the edges neatly (or do it yourself). Putting mulch down in the beds only costs a few dollars but can neaten the overall appearance. Reddish-brown or dark mulches make your yard look richer. Take a day to pull weeds and get rid of vines, and put out some seasonal flowers in pots -- that's much easier than digging up the beds. Is the lawn spotty? Get some sod patches to cover the bare spots, and seed (if it's the right time of year for your part of the world).

These tips will help your home start to look better -- and you'll elevate your home's value by much more than you are spending on these upgrades. For help with selling your home in the Vaughn, ON area, contact Schuren Sriskandarajah today.

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